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2005 - The Story, Page 2
Getting Scans

Feb. 7, 2005 - Getting Scans for Our Checkup

Today, we went back to see our friends of pediatric radiology to have a set of scans done since I've been done with chemo for 6 months now. I had to get an IV, which was no fun, since I've gotten my port out but the nurses there are very nice and proficient so it was over quickly. I had a CT with contrast, skeletal survey (head to toe x-rays) and a bone scan where you have to lie very still but I fell asleep.

My pal Scraps was and has been with me every step of the way.
Emily and Scraps

Feb. 14 - A Happy Valentine's Day Checkup in Nashville

Today was our checkup with Dr. Whitlock at Vanderbilt. Last week's nuclear med scan (bone scan), x-rays and CT are all clear. She's feeling fine and up to 49lbs, 95th percentile for her height and weight. Still loves school (pre-K) and gymnastics. We didn't get to see some of our friends at clinic since they are more scattered out now and better organized in the new Children's Hospital Doctors Tower. There are at least two other children in Huntsville with LCH and thanks to all of you who have written to us using this site, we know of many more. Dr. Whitlock informed us that the money raised by Emily's birthday party will go toward the costs of starting two additional studies at Vanderbilt which we are glad to be a part of. God is always good and we thank Him for today's good report.
Emily - Age 5

Emily and Hannah

Mar 26, 2005: Easter Egg Hunt

Emily (R) and best friend Hannah.

May 11, 2005: 9-months out Checkup

Just a note to let everyone know we had a good checkup at Vanderbilt on Monday. It's been 9 months since Emily completed chemo and while we're still trying to treat the occasional stomach pain (irritated lining) the endoscopy and biopsy showed that it was not LCH. She's responding well to Nexium. We go back in August for the 1-year checkup and will repeat a head CT at that point.
Histiocytosis Patients - past and present

July 30 - Histio Assoc Meeting - Nashville, TN

Our thanks to everyone who attended the Nashville meeting - it was informative, the kids had a great time, it was good to see old friends and make new friends, even meet some adults with the disease. The volunteers at Gilda's Club, Jeff Toughhill from the Histio Association, Dr. Whitlock and his wife were all wonderful hosts.

Photos from the weekend are here.

Learn more about Gilda's Club
Kindergarten 2005

August 2005

Our checkup went well. It has been one year since Emily completed chemo with no further signs of LCH or effects from the treatment. Her portacath scar is beginning to diminish slightly and her stomach pain is controlled with a daily Nexium. We've been able to drop the Zantac from our nightly ritual and we believe she will grow out of this as well. Our next checkup will be in November. Emily starts Kindergarten this month and is so excited.
Family Photo 2005

Nov 30 - Our New Look

Thanks to Carol at Carolz Creations, our website has a new look and artwork. Check out her themes and backgrounds.

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